Truck Rental Or Movers?

There are many choices to make when you decide to move, and how you move could be the most important decision. If you have a healthy budget full service movers could be the best bet. If you are on a strict budget then doing it yourself may be the best option. There are costs and considerations with both choices that need to be considered before you should make the final jump. Consideration needs to paid to schedule, distance, and ability to physically handle the task before one can judge which route is best.


If you don't have the time or desire to do a lot of the work yourselfprofessional movers are the way to go. A good moving companyknows exactly how to pack and unpack items in a timely manner, which will save you many hours of labor, and some doctor bills too.

If you dochoose to rent a moving truck, you have to take a couple things into consideration. You're more than likely going to need help. Not too many people can move a couch by themselves. So you are going to have to call in some favors. Scheduling your help, and promising to repay the favor by helping them someday can come at a premium as well.If you don't have to adhere to a strict time schedule, and would rather work at your own pace, you might be the candidate for renting a moving truck. Just don't forget to buy your friends plenty of pizza and beer!

Moving Distance

Take into consideration the distance you are moving before you choose whether to rent a moving truck or hire a moving company. If renting a moving truck for a long distancemove,the costs can add up quick. You have to consider the cost of the truck rental, fuel rates, and milage. Once you add in other fees, this can become one expensive move. It might benefit you to look into long distance moving companies when it comes tohigh milage, one-way moves.Either option has its advantages and disadvantages. Assess your needs and choose the option that works best for you and your situation.

Liability Insurance for Moving

When you rent you are entirely liable for the contents of your truck. Sure, you are in control of every aspect of the move, but if there is some sort of accident there is no one to turn to when it comes to reimbursement. This is not the case with professional movers, who often come with their own insurance policies. If something happens to your stuff then they are liable for replacement. Make sure you check with your chose company however. Details fluctuate between companies.

10 Questions to Ask Your Mover

Before choosing the moving company that is right for you, be sure to do some research to find the best company for your situation. Utilizing this check list of questions when discussing your your move with company representatives will ensure that you have covered the bases when choosing the company that's right for your situation.

  1. What kind of moving insurance do you provide?
  2. During the move, who is liable for damaged items?
  3. What type of moving contract do you offer?
  4. Are there any hidden fees not listed in the moving contract?
  5. May I have a few referencesof past clients?
  6. May I have a detailed breakdownyour quote includes?
  7. What is your expected time of delivery?
  8. What moving supplies do you provide to protect my fragile items?
  9. What kind of overtime pay can I expect if any?
  10. How long has your company been in business?
Do I need to hire a moving company?

Assess your moving situation. Distance, milage, amount of labor, and budget are all concerns. While it is possible to move yourself by renting moving vans, etc., it could be more trouble than it's worth. Check around and compare moving companies and services they offer to fit your needs.

What types of moving companies are there?

There are two types of moving companies. Large full-service moving companies can offer you options such as packing and unpacking, and placing and arranging furniture at your new home. Smaller local companies usually do not offer all these services, but can be a cheaper and smarter alternative.

Do I need moving insurance?

Moving insurance is an option, however it is always a good idea to insure your possessions when in transit from your old home to your new home. This protects your items from anything that could go wrong during the moving process.

Can I deduct taxes from my move?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you certaindeductions from your taxes when moving for business related expenses or if you are moving and in the military.Check with the IRS for these specific guidelines.

What supplies should I have for packing?

Of course, when moving homes, you are going to need boxes to put all that stuff in, but don't forget the essentials; packing paper, bubble wrap, plenty of packaging tape, markers for labeling and lots and lots of patience.