Transport Autos

Are you considering relocating cross the country? And driving your car to your destination is not one of your options. You might weigh the option of hiring a car transport service.

A vehicle transportation service is an easy and convenient way to move your car from one locality to another. Your car can either be transported using trucks, trains or boats based on the terminus of your vehicle. Reliable agencies send one of their employees to assess the car before moving it, this help in keeping up to date with the condition of the car.

Before choosing a car transport company, it's good to check for testimonials of other clients who have used their services before, note their cost and the duration your car will take to reach the required destination.

Since Vehicle transport agencies deliver multiple cars at a go, you will be notified on the estimated time of arrival of your car.

Below are Tips and Guides you should know before accrediting a vehicle moving company;

  • Learn the different services offered in auto transport.
  • Transport price and the value
  • Vehicle Shipping Inspection prior to and following transport
  • Duration taken for a vehicle to arrive.
Items that are taken out of a car before shipment.
  • Driving credentials like Car title and Vehicle registration.
  • Edibles.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Plastics.
  • Ignitable items.

Car transportation companies provide you with the period in which your car is expected to arrive, this is to help customers schedule themselves and find time to receive their car. Other companies provide vehicle tracking systems which assists clients to know the point at which their vehicle is located at any given time. You can contact your service provider for more information about the services and ease up the shipping process.

Preparing your car for transport.

  1. Check the gas tank: The tank should be no more than 25% full during transport on account of potential leaking.
  2. Battery check: Ensure that your battery is properly charged prior to the transport. Companies will charge a premium if they must jumpstart your vehicle.
  3. Check car fluids: For at least a couple weeks before the transport, monitor the fluids and make sure none are leaking. Keep all fluids low in the event of dramatically rising/falling temperatures during transport.
  4. Wash your car: Inspect your entire before transport so that you can properly identify potential issues on its arrival in your new location.
  5. Break out the camera: Make note of any scratches or issues with the car before transport.
  6. Remove all personal items: To prevent potential theft, it's best to leave nothing valuable in the vehicle during transport.
  7. Make sure all openings are closed: Be sure to completely close back windows, doors, and any other openings in the car.
What household items can I pack in my vehicle for shipment?

Do not pack any household luggage or personal items in your car. It is illegal for an auto transporter to ship your car if it contains household or personal items because the transporter is not licensed to move household goods. ShipCarsNow will not pick up any vehicle that is loaded with household or personal items.

Do Car Movers include insurance in their estimates?

Most vehicle transporters include some insurance in their basic price but you should inquire about how much it is and if they offer more insurance at a higher price. You may be able to get insurance separately as well.

How do i check my car delivery status?

To get the quickest update on your vehicle's delivery status, use the tracking link provided in your order confirmation email.

Will I be charged by size?

Yes – large cars, trucks and SUV's will cost more money than a standard mid-size or compact car. Some SUV's are so large that they equal the weight and size of two cars!