Temporary Address Change

If you are planning to relocate to another areatemporarily, it is always advisable to secure a temporary address change to ensure that all important documents and packages sent though mail will be forwarded to the appropriate location.

A temporary address change is a procedure that an individual, group or family can utilize whenever they need to transfer to another location, but plans to move back to their original address between a minimum period of 2 weeks and maximum duration of 12 months. However, a temporary address change request is only valid for 6 months, but an extension can be secured to lengthen the request to a year.

There are a lot of situations that a temporary address change can be applied on. So, In order for you to better understand when this type of request can be used, we list down some of the most common conditions where this procedure is applicable.

Common situations where atemporary address change request is applicable
Taking care of a relative or a family member

A temporary address change can be utilized whenever an individual, group or family needs to relocate to another area, in order to take care of a sick family member, relative or friend.

Attending school in another area

Students who attend classes in another area can request for a temporary address change to ensure that all postal correspondence will be forwarded to his or her location.

Temporary work relocation

Employees who work for companies that require them to move to different areas temporarily are encouraged to apply for a temporary address change request.

Undergoing Internship

Fresh graduates and students that undergo an internship program and needs to stay on another location are advised to process a temporary address change request.

Temporary Business relocation

Business, like individuals, sometimes need to temporarily move to another location, due to several reasons, such as office constructions or expansion. During these situations, a businessis eligible to file for a temporary address change request with the USPS.

How to file for a temporary address change

Filling for a temporary address change has basically the same procedure as filling for a permanent change in address with the USPS. In fact, the only difference is that you need to set an end date for the forwarding period.

Filling for a temporary address change online

1. Go to the USPS website online and access the USPS Change of Address Form page.

2. Fill-up all required field in the form.

3. Select temporary forwarding option and enter a start and end date for the forwarding service.

4. Pay the required validation fee

Filling for a temporary address change via telephone

Call 1-800-275-8777(1-800-ASK-USPS)and process your request over the phone.

Filling for a temporary address change in person

Go to your nearest USPS office and secure a PS Form 3575. Fill up all the required information in the form. Submit it and complete the process.

Modification and cancellation of temporary address change request

In the event, that you wish to modify or cancel your request before the end of the termination date that you specified on your original request. You can simply login to the USPS website and access the View, Update or Change page. After that, you need to input your original request confirmation number and forwarding zip code to perform one of the following changes.

  • Modify the start and end dates of your forwarding request
  • Cancel the temporary address change request
  • Convert your temporary request into a permanent one
Premium Forwarding Service (PFS)

If you do not want to process a temporary address change request, an alternative solution is to acquire a premium forwarding service from the USPS. This alternative solution to your mail forwarding problems can be used for a minimum period of 2 weeks and a maximum duration of one year. It cost $15 to register and $17 for the weekly re-shipment fee.

Notify these 10 Parties

  1. Voter Registration: Download and send the Voter Registration Address Change Form to your Supervisor of Elections. This maintains your right to vote in upcoming elections.
  2. SSA: All Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries must file for a change of address to keep their address updated. This can be done by going to the local office in person, by sending the form via the mail, or online.
  3. Banks: In order to receive monthly statements and bank offers, you must update your mailing address with each of your banking institutions. This is often available online if you don't want to make the trip to the bank.
  4. DMV: As your driver's license is an easy way to show proof of identity, it's a good idea to make sure it's updated with your new mailing address ASAP.
  5. Passport Agency: All you need to do is fill out the DS-504 Correction Form and send it to the office closest to you. An absolute must for international travelers.
Is it necessary to update the address on my passport?

If you have recently applied for a new or replacement passport, you will need to update your address or your passport may not be sent to your mailing address.

How to update my Voter Registration Card?

Each state has a specific form for changing a mailing address. Fill it out and either mail or submit in person to the DMV or State's Supervisor of Elections.

How do I update my mailing address with the IRS?

There are 3 ways to update your address with the IRS. Fill out and mail the Change of Address 8822 form. Call the IRS office and change your address via phone. Or draft a written statement and mail it to the office where you filed your taxes the previous year.

Is it necessary to update my address on my Social Security Card?

For those receiving SS benefits and Medicare, you are required to update your address. This can be done in person at a SSA office, online, or by calling 1-800-772-1213.

How to change my address at the DMV?

This varies by state. But typically, the state requires the following: proof of residence in the state, proof of ID, a small fee, and a form filled out with your old and new addresses.