Security Cam System

If you would like to feel more secure within your home without having to regularly check entryways, a home security surveillance system may be a good option for you. Video surveillance systems give homeowners the ability to check the stats of their home through their computer, tablet or smartphone and sensors can be connect to a remote setup by the security company. If a break-in does occur, the security company with be notified and they will then be able to contact authorities. Further technological innovations have allowed homeowners to watch surveillance footage in live time as well as record footage to playback later. With many video surveillance options, it is important to be knowledgeable on the different systems that are available so that you can choose the best security system that is right for you.

Benefits of Home Surveillance Systems

Security cameras are becoming more popular for those who want more security than what a simple alarm system provides. Purchasing security cameras can be expensive, but there are also many benefits to installing them in your home.

The best cameras can track who steps onto your property at any time. These systems can include outdoor cameras as well as indoor cameras, allowing you to view the ongoings of virtually every part of your house. Below you will find more information on the features of different video surveillance systems.

Indoor Home Surveillance Security Systems

Monitoring what is going on inside your home can be just as important as monitoring what is going on outside. Indoor cameras can be especially useful if you are looking to monitor babysitters, house sitters, construction workers, maintenance workers, nannies and children.

You can install indoor cameras in as many rooms as you want to. Whether you want to keep one in just your child's room to monitor their safety or have one set up in every room in your home, there are no limits to the amount of surveillance you would like to have.

Indoor Security Camera Features

When selecting what indoor security cameras to use, there are several aspects that should be kept in mind. Take into consideration what kind of hardware and recording software you want to use. A direct feed can give you constant live footage of your home. You can also use a VCR, DVD or other recording system to playback footage at a later time.

Security Camera Resolution

The resolution of your camera is very important when selecting a surveillance system. The higher resolution, the better the video quality which will make any unusual footage easier to make out. You should also take into consideration whether you want color video or simple black and white. Additionally, newer systems can even feature night vision.

Wired vs. Wireless Home Security Cameras

Another aspect to take into consideration is whether you will prefer a wired or wireless setup. One of the cons of a wireless system is that there could be interference from other devices that use wireless such as your wireless Internet, cell phones and baby monitors. However, one of the pros of wireless security systems is that you can easily move your cameras wherever you want throughout the house.

Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Many individuals would like to have access to what is going on outside their home at all times. Just like indoor systems, there are multiple aspects to take into consideration when selecting an outdoor systems, and you can decide how many cameras you would like as well as where you would like to place them around your home.

Outdoor cameras can warn intruders is they are placed in an obvious location that is easy to see. You can also place smaller cameras in more discrete places so that those that come up to your property will be unaware that they are being monitored.

Outdoor cameras are quite durable and weatherproof. Some even come equipped with wipers to remove water and debris.

No matter how many areas around your home you are looking to monitor, it is highly recommended that you consider using outdoor surveillance devices. To start, you should determine how many cameras you will be needed as well as if you would like to invest in recording equipment. You should then get some price quotes from multiple security dealers in order to get the best deal.

Home Security Cameras with Audio

Finally, the last decision you should make in regards to the surveillance system you will be using is whether or not you would like audio features added to your cameras. Audio devices are especially useful in nanny cams and baby cams so that way you can be hear if your baby is in distress.

10 Home Security Hacks

Your home is considered your humble abode, the one place you feel your safest and most comfortable.

  1. Upgrade locks
    When moving into a new home, it's in your best interest to change the locks. By upgrading your locks, you can rest assured that your family and you are the only individuals who have access to the keys to any locked entry points.
  2. Keep belongings out of sight
    The last thing you want is to have curious minds peering inside your home. Any valuable items left visible may immediately catch unwanted attention, and thus encourage thieves to break in. Put all your important belongings away and hidden from view for added safety.
What are my home security options?

With today's technology, there are many options to choose from including sound alarms, motion sensors, video surveillance cameras and wireless recording systems.

What does a motion detector sense?

This depends on the type of motion detector that you are using. Motion detectors can detect vibrations, body heat or send out microwaves pulsations that reflect off of nearby objects.

Do I need home surveillance cameras?

It is highly recommended and one of the most effective security options because you can see what is going on around your home at all times.

How do I watch a security camera feed?

Depending on the type of system that you are using, you should have the option to watch your feed from your smart phone, online on your computer or from monitors that have been set up within your home.

Can I set my alarm on or off from outside of my home?

Some systems offer apps where you can monitor your systems directly from your smartphone.