Before settling on a transportation service, it is imperative to list some companies that offer similar services and relate the charges against the services offered. Choose the company that offers the best services not the one that is cheap.

Vehicle transport quotes can be acquired in a blink of an eye from renowned car transport companies. Car transportation services can also be gotten from brokers who practiceexclusively on those services. Usually, brokers do not own the trucks that carry the vehicles once you have made a request to have your car transported, they contact the nearest trucking companies so that you are able to pick your vehicle.

Unlike brokers, transportation companies offer a quote and expect you to commission the services right away. Companies may also levy additional payments making the eventual price be higher than what's anticipated. On the contrary, brokers offer quotes and give you the time to choose the option that best suites you.

When dealing with brokers you only incur charges that are written in the quote ONLY. Movers can get accurate auto transport quotes on both:

  • DCar transport quote comparison sites
  • Specific auto transport company sites
Car Transport Brokers Quote Comparison Sites

There are websites that contain the car moving quotes from various car transport companies. The prices might not be authentic but give the mover a rough idea on what to expect in pricing of their vehicle.

Auto Transport Company Sites

Mover who would rather opt for the shipping companies can just go online to the company's website and provide the cars information accompanied with the time anticipated for the shipping. Prices may vary based on the vehicle's weight and the car's insurance policy.

  • WEIGHT large cars, trucks and SUV's will cost more money than a standard mid-size or compact car. Some SUV's are so large that they equal the weight and size of two cars! This limits the number of vehicles that can be legally loaded on an auto transport truck or rail car, which in turn, affects the overall economics of the shipment.
  • INSURANCE Choosing to insure a car more than what the company recommends will incur the mover a much higher cost than the ones who insure what the company charged more than what regular movers will.
What household items can I pack in my vehicle for shipment?

Do not pack any household luggage or personal items in your car. It is illegal for an auto transporter to ship your car if it contains household or personal items because the transporter is not licensed to move household goods. ShipCarsNow will not pick up any vehicle that is loaded with household or personal items.

Do Car Movers include insurance in their estimates?

Most vehicle transporters include some insurance in their basic price but you should inquire about how much it is and if they offer more insurance at a higher price. You may be able to get insurance separately as well.

How do i check my car delivery status?

To get the quickest update on your vehicle's delivery status, use the tracking link provided in your order confirmation email.

Will I be charged by size?

Yes – large cars, trucks and SUV's will cost more money than a standard mid-size or compact car. Some SUV's are so large that they equal the weight and size of two cars!