Notify these 10 Parties

1. Voter Registration: Download and send the Voter Registration Address Change Form to your Supervisor of Elections. This maintains your right to vote in upcoming elections.

2. SSA: All Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries must file for a change of address to keep their address updated. This can be done by going to the local office in person, by sending the form via the mail, or online.

3. Banks: In order to receive monthly statements and bank offers, you must update your mailing address with each of your banking institutions. This is often available online if you don't want to make the trip to the bank.

4. DMV: As your driver's license is an easy way to show proof of identity, it's a good idea to make sure it's updated with your new mailing address ASAP.

5. Passport Agency: All you need to do is fill out the DS-504 Correction Form and send it to the office closest to you. An absolute must for international travelers.

6. Department of State: This institute stores your personal information, such as your birth certificate and marriage certificate, so it's a good idea to keep them updated of your whereabouts.

7. USCIS: United States Citizen and Immigration Services often sends important government documents. Be sure to update your address with them by downloading the proper form and mailing it in or doing it online.

8. IRS: Come tax season, it is vitally important that the IRS has your correct address. You can update the Internal Revenue Service with your new address information by mailing in the DD 8822 form, over the phone, or by written statement, which must also be mailed in.

9. County Tax Collector Office: In some states the DMV does not automatically send updated address info to the tax office, so it's necessary to update the county directly.

10. Department of Revenue: As this body governs taxation, it's a good idea to have your current mailing address on file. This can be done online or by sending in the applicable form.