Moving to a new place is not a bed of roses especially when it entails packing and hauling your belongings from your old place to all the way your new home. You need to hire a moving company you can trust that offers best services while taking care of your belongings during the process of transportation. Make a list of all the packaging supplies you are going to need and give a call to your friends and family to come over your place and help you in packing or you can always call one of the best moving companies to avail their services with professional care in packing and transporting your possessions. There are several options and choices for you to choose from various moving services. You can opt either for a local moving service or a corporate moving service depending upon your budget and requirements. You may need to hirejust a rental truck or both the rental truck and packaging services with supplies according to your need. If you are moving in the same neighborhood, a mom and pop moving service is an effective and best choice. Moving to a different city or state requires you to take many factors into consideration while choosing a corporate moving service, including your budget, cost per total and additional mileage, your possessions and size ofthe rental truck to finish your move conveniently in a single drive.

Before deciding which moving company to pick, make a quick survey on internet and compare the pricing policies, offers and additional services provided by each moving company. Read the reviews and experiences of the customers to get an idea of the quality and professional statement of the moving company. You can also discuss with your friends about the moving companies they have hired and benefit from their experience.

Movers should consider these two key factors while picking a moving company:

  • 1. Your moving budget
  • 2.To hire whether a local moving company or corporate moving company:

Before finalizing your decision to hire a particular moving company, it is wise to always side-by-side compare and review prices and service fees of all moving companies you are interested in hiring. Also take into consideration, if there are other offers and discount rates on service and choose the one which not only ensure satisfactory service but is also easy on your wallet. Few more but nonetheless very crucial things you should keep into mind:

1. Carefully Estimate Your Room Size While Choosing Rental Truck Size

Make a list of all your items and their approximate sizes and rent the truck accordingly. If you have enough items that can fit perfectly in a large rental truck then finish your move in a single drive, instead of hiring multiple small rental trucks and spend extra money while wasting your precious time. When you have a small room size, hiring a small rental truck is a good choice even if it may take another two or three drives. While moving to another city or state, hire small, medium or large rental truck accordingly.

2. Ask for Moving Quotes from Your Selected Moving Companies

Now you can easily receive and download moving quotes from the websites of different moving companies for pricing comparison as well as additional services offered by them. You just have to fill a simple form online with the required information such as the date of moving, move size or number of rooms you are moving, full service (where they load and they drive, or self service where you load and they drive) etc. The moving quotes should mention the total cost of all different types of additional services they offer. The moving quote could either be a fixed price (not negotiable) or estimated price (which may include additional charges after the move is complete) depending upon the pricing policy of the moving company. For better options, also compare the moving company quotes of both local moving companies and national moving companies (more suitable for long distance moves).

Carefully read the terms and conditions of your moving contract before agreeing to it or signing. Avoid any unpleasant and shocking experience of receiving extra charges on your moving bill, when the moving is complete. Ask the service provider if there are any hidden or extraneous charges that you are unaware about and avoid any burden on your moving budget.

3. Also Calculate the Total Mileage

Relocating to the same neighborhood or in some nearby area saves your moving company from refueling, therefore your final moving cost will be reasonable. However, if you are moving to another city or state, you will be charged for the extra mileage when you go over the allotted moving mileage.

4. Ask About Hourly Moving Charges and Additional Fees for Services

Most of the local moving companies charge on hourly basis for their services. They may also offer additional services, each for extra charges. You can choose to elect additional services according to your requirement and moving budget. The additional services may include:

  • Providing you pacaging supplies
  • Packing your possessions
  • Loadind your belongings
  • Unpacking your belongings after you move to your new place
  • Tranporting and safe keeping your designated items in a warehouse

Ask yourself which moving services will suit best your requirement while keeping your budget in mind. Decide whether to hire a local moving company or national moving company which is suitable for long distance moves. We have outlined following few points that you may find useful in your search for best moving company.

1. A Moving Company That Offers a Guaranteed Moving Date

Relocating into the same neighborhood adds another positive aspect to your moving experience. Not only the hours of operation will be less but the local moving companies will offer you, if not cheap then reasonable rates. If you are more flexible about your moving date, then you can always schedule your moving plan with the local company and they will be readily available to fill up your schedule faster due to less frequent hours of operation.

On the other hand, if you are moving to another city or state, a national or corporate moving company that can promise you a guaranteed delivery date would be your best choice. Because of their established organization and experience in handling multiple moves all year around, they will provide you with not only a guaranteed date but will also ensure safe transit of your assets.

2. Types of moving services offered by various moving companies

You can hire a wide range of moving services depending upon your moving type; whether it is local move, long distance move, corporate move or relocation, interstate move, international move or you just want to deliver heavy furniture, auto transport your brand new sports car or you need to transport large items that need moving labor or special movers to take extra care of your artwork, musical instruments, plants, and pets.

Both local and national or long distance moving companies usually offer very interesting services, such as:

3. Compare moving insurance coverage policies of each moving company

While planning to move we are always worried about the safety of your valuables. The best strategy to avoid any damage to your valuables is to hire a moving company that offers moving insurance to cover your assets. Specifically inquire your moving company about the insurance coverage of these items:

  • Electronic gadgets or devices such as your refrigerator, washing machine, flat screen television, radio or music stereo
  • Furniture including your kitchen cupboards, bookshelves, and sofa set etc.
  • Your valuable art show pieces and collectibles or delicate valuables like antiques
  • And other general household items

Because of the short distance, local moving companies are less prone to deliver damaged valuables therefore you can always hire a local moving company with good reputation without paying extra for insurance coverage. However, if you are hiring a national moving company for interstate relocating, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will overlook the moving procedure and handle any problem or issues that may arise between you and the moving company you hired.

10 Questions to Ask Your Mover

Before choosing the moving company that is right for you, be sure to do some research to find the best company for your situation. Utilizing this check list of questions when discussing your your move with company representatives will ensure that you have covered the bases when choosing the company that's right for your situation.

  1. What kind of moving insurance do you provide?
  2. During the move, who is liable for damaged items?
  3. What type of moving contract do you offer?
  4. Are there any hidden fees not listed in the moving contract?
  5. May I have a few referencesof past clients?
  6. May I have a detailed breakdownyour quote includes?
  7. What is your expected time of delivery?
  8. What moving supplies do you provide to protect my fragile items?
  9. What kind of overtime pay can I expect if any?
  10. How long has your company been in business?
Do I need to hire a moving company?

Assess your moving situation. Distance, milage, amount of labor, and budget are all concerns. While it is possible to move yourself by renting moving vans, etc., it could be more trouble than it's worth. Check around and compare moving companies and services they offer to fit your needs.

What types of moving companies are there?

There are two types of moving companies. Large full-service moving companies can offer you options such as packing and unpacking, and placing and arranging furniture at your new home. Smaller local companies usually do not offer all these services, but can be a cheaper and smarter alternative.

Do I need moving insurance?

Moving insurance is an option, however it is always a good idea to insure your possessions when in transit from your old home to your new home. This protects your items from anything that could go wrong during the moving process.

Can I deduct taxes from my move?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you certaindeductions from your taxes when moving for business related expenses or if you are moving and in the military.Check with the IRS for these specific guidelines.

What supplies should I have for packing?

Of course, when moving homes, you are going to need boxes to put all that stuff in, but don't forget the essentials; packing paper, bubble wrap, plenty of packaging tape, markers for labeling and lots and lots of patience.