You've decided to save money and source your own moving supplies. There are plenty of options for the thrifty mover to purchase quality moving boxes for your big move. Most of these places are one stop shops that sell everything a mover could need including moving boxes, packaging tape and bubble wrap. Not only can you reduce your moving costs significantly, but you can rest assure that the best person for getting your precious items properly packed is yourself.

Where to Get Moving Boxes

A number of retail stores, including Lowes and Home Depot have decent deals on moving boxes. To save even more money you can turn to the internet, where there are many used box sites to choose from. Not only are these top quality boxes that are able to be used again and again, but recycling will cut down on the carbon footprint of your next big move. Also be on the lookout on Craigslist or other internet posting sites, as people are moving all the time and are looking to get rid of their used boxes.

Where to Buy Packing Tape

Whether it's clear packing tape orbrown packing tape, you're gonna need a lot of it. No one wants to run out to the store in the middle of an exhausting move to buy more tape, so buy in bulk! There is not much difference between the two. They both work just fine. Some of the brown tape is recycled, so if that's your thing, pick up a box of it.

Where to Buy Bubble Wrap for Packing

Some items need more protection than others, and providing the proper packing is essential. Bubble wrap is a fantastic product to keep all of those items intact for relatively cheap.Bubble wrap comes in several different forms, from large rolls (easy to cut for any size) for bags to easy and quick packing of smaller fragile items. Pick the right one for your job.

Equipment Rentals

So you have your boxes, packaging tape and bubble wrap all ready to go, but you may need some extra tools to insure that you have everything that you might need to succeed in a successful move. Consider renting moving equipment such as dollies, furniture pads and furniture blankets to ensure everything is easy to move and damage-free.Most of these items can be rented through movingrental companies for a relatively low price.Find out more about equipment rentals here .

10 Questions to Ask Your Mover

Before choosing the moving company that is right for you, be sure to do some research to find the best company for your situation. Utilizing this check list of questions when discussing your your move with company representatives will ensure that you have covered the bases when choosing the company that's right for your situation.

  1. What kind of moving insurance do you provide?
  2. During the move, who is liable for damaged items?
  3. What type of moving contract do you offer?
  4. Are there any hidden fees not listed in the moving contract?
  5. May I have a few referencesof past clients?
  6. May I have a detailed breakdownyour quote includes?
  7. What is your expected time of delivery?
  8. What moving supplies do you provide to protect my fragile items?
  9. What kind of overtime pay can I expect if any?
  10. How long has your company been in business?
Do I need to hire a moving company?

Assess your moving situation. Distance, milage, amount of labor, and budget are all concerns. While it is possible to move yourself by renting moving vans, etc., it could be more trouble than it's worth. Check around and compare moving companies and services they offer to fit your needs.

What types of moving companies are there?

There are two types of moving companies. Large full-service moving companies can offer you options such as packing and unpacking, and placing and arranging furniture at your new home. Smaller local companies usually do not offer all these services, but can be a cheaper and smarter alternative.

Do I need moving insurance?

Moving insurance is an option, however it is always a good idea to insure your possessions when in transit from your old home to your new home. This protects your items from anything that could go wrong during the moving process.

Can I deduct taxes from my move?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you certaindeductions from your taxes when moving for business related expenses or if you are moving and in the military.Check with the IRS for these specific guidelines.

What supplies should I have for packing?

Of course, when moving homes, you are going to need boxes to put all that stuff in, but don't forget the essentials; packing paper, bubble wrap, plenty of packaging tape, markers for labeling and lots and lots of patience.