Find A Roommate

Make sure you are not making a hasty decision, when you have a plenty of room available you want to share with a roommate and split the rent. Take your time and think it through, can you really adjust with another person you know nothing about in the same room. You can search online for roommates from many websites that will provide you enough information and detail of the potential roommate.

When you are searching for a roommate to share your room with, brainstorm a list of important things that you need to consider before signing the dotted line, such as:


Age and gender often determines the interests of a person. You will be more compatible with the person of same gender and age group then with someone who is of opposite sex and too older or too younger than you. With the roommate of the same sex and age you can always engage in like-minded conversations at breakfast table while enjoying your morning coffee where as the roommates of the opposite sex or different age group may rend to set more boundaries. Remember, opposites don't attract always.


If you are a student then a roommate who is a student like you would be a better choice as both of you will be able to understand each others problems regarding the burden of studies and deadlines of assignments and will be able to help out each other. If both of you work the night shift, you will have a clear understanding of each other's sleep pattern and need to sleep in the daytime. If you will share a room with a nine-to-fiver while you work night shift you will not be able to sleep in the day with closed curtains and switched off lights. One of you will be terribly disturbed by the other roommate.


Before signing in the contract, don't forget to inquire for the financial status of your roommate. Make sure your roommate clearly understands and agree to pay his or her share of monthly rent without any delay. Don't be ashamed to ask him for his credit card history or proof of employment Also request an advance security deposit. Clearly add the clauses of paying security deposit in advance and monthly rent on time in the agreement to avoid any financial or legal complication in future.


You are a bookworm who loves reading books in the quiet; on the other hand, your roommate is a party person and loves to rock the place all the time. You like living in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere but it turned out that your roommate loves to talk on telephone all day and night and giggles or laugh when you are sleeping. If you are allergic animal fur, you don't like to sneeze all day and night so make sure your roommate does not own a pet To avoid these situations, always discuss in detail about your and their interests. Be flexible as no one shares exactly the sarne interests as you do but make sure the recreational hobbies and interests of your roommate are not harmful in any way. Make sure your roommate is not into drugs or gambling.


It is always better to meet the potential candidate in person at a neutral location. You can better judge a person in a face-to-face interview rather than from reading few paragraphs about him/her on a website or talking to him/her on phone for a few minutes. Ask as many questions you want to ask to know more his/her personality, hobbies and interests and accept the same from the potential live-in candidate. Maintain a friendly composure and don't fire away questions that may scare the potential roommate candidate away. You may also like to bring a friend or two to the interview along with you for a second opinion.


Living with an untidy person who is habitual of cluttering the room and leaving unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink is not easy. Ask about the cleaning habits to assess how clean your potential roommate is. Make a list of all household chores, duties and small tasks to divide responsibilities and then share it with your roommate and ask him if there is anything he needs to add, omit or modify, such as:

  • Doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen
  • Cleaning up bathrooms
  • Throwing garbage
  • Paying for cable TV service or internet connection
  • Buying groceries
  • Turning the light, TV and music off at night

This way you both will be able to keep your house clean and well maintained that ensures a healthy roommate relationship and peace of mind.

Roommate Questionnaire

Whether its your best friend's cousin or a perfect stranger, you must take precautions before signing a contract with a new roommate for both security purposes, as well as peace of mind.

  1. A roommate is:
    • A friend just waiting to be made.
    • Someone to see and not hear.
    • A body of flesh that will cut down on my rent.
  2. When you finish eating, you:
    • Don't need to do the dishes, because you did them while you were cooking. Multitasker!
    • Put your dishes in the sink and get to them later.
    • Leave your dishes at the table.
Are there services to help me find a roommate?

Yes, there are several roommate finder services available online. They feature compatibility surveys and other simple forms for completion to help you find the best roommate for your needs.

Does my renters' insurance cover my roommate's belongings?

No, unless your roommate is specifically listed on your renter's insurance policy;they will not be covered.

Should I get a background check on my potential new roommate?

It is always recommended you run a background check before accepting anyone into your home. This is for your own personal security and peace of mind.

How should my roommate and I split the cost of utilities?

The best way is to split all utilities equally. You should have an upfront conversation and state this in the initial interview, so there are no surprises. The details should also be included in the written agreement that is signed with your roommate before they move in.

Do I need to get a sublease to rent to a roommate?

If your roommate is taking over the responsibilities of your lease, either by paying partial rent or all of the rent, you must have that person sign a sublease.