DMV Change of Address

Your vehicle, as well as other things and equipment generally travel with you when you decide to move to another address. That is why it is important to conduct a DMV change of address procedure as soon as you transfer to a new location, in order to keep your driver's license and car registration updated.

A DMV change of address is a process required by law whenever a driver's license holder or a car registered owner moves to another location. Some states even have a particular deadline where they require the driver's license holder or car registered owner who move to a new address to perform the procedure.

Fortunately, the DMV change of address procedure can be done easily. You can now conveniently perform this task online, through mail or by person.

How to perform a DMV change of address –Driver's License

As stated above, there are multiple ways to perform a DMV change of address.

DMV change of address online

Typically, there are different procedures and processes implemented by each state. So, what we are going to discuss here is the general principle.

1. Login to your state's DMV online system.

2. Provide the following information for verification

a. Driver's license number

b. Date of birth

c. Last four digits of your Social Security Number

3. Enter your new address for your driver's license

4. Process payment (if needed)

DMV change of address through mail

This method is ideal for senior citizen or for those who are overseas.

1. Download or secure a DMV change of address form

2. Fill up the form and make sure to include the following information

a. Your driver's license number

b. Your full name

c. Old address

d. New address

e. Other important information

3. Generate a copy of your driver's license (front and back)

4. Mail the form, the copy of your driver's license and payment to the appropriate address

5. Payment form should be in the form of cheque or money order that is payable to your state's DMV

DMV change of address by person

Some states require the driver's license holder to personally appear to be able to perform the DMV change of address procedure.

1. Visit your nearest DMV office

2. Present a proof of identity, residency and social security number. You can choose from the following:

a. Proof of identity

  • Current driver's license
  • Birth Certificate
  • United States passport
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization

b. Proof of residency

  • Voter Registration Card
  • Utility bill
  • Official statement from your bank
  • Mortgage/lease agreement

c. Proof of Social Security Number

  • 1099 Tax Form
  • W-2 Form
  • Medicare/Medicaid Card with SSN
  • Social Security Card
  • Payroll Record

3. Process the payment

Processing a DMV change of address does not mean that you will get a new expiration date for your driver's license. It is only for updating your address on the DMV file. However, if you wish to have your new address to be reflected on your driver's license, then you can process a request for a duplicate driver's license after processing your DMV change of address request.

How to perform a DMV change of address –Car Registration

Besides updating the address on your driver's license, you also need to update the address on your car registration.

Same with the DMV change of address for driver's license, you can update your car registration address with the following methods.

Change car registration address online

1. If an online option is available for your State, log in to your State's DMV site and follow the instructions for changing the address for your car registration.

2. Process any required payment and applicable fees for the request

Change car registration address through mail

1. Secure your State's Change car registration address form

2. Fill up the form and don't forget to provide the following information

a. Your Full name

b. Date of birth

c. Your new residential address

d. Your old residential address

e. Your driver's license number

f. Your Vehicle Identification Number

g. Your vehicle information

h. Your signature

3. Mail the form and include a copy of your car registration and a proof of your new residence (utility bill or bank statement). Include the payment required for the change request

4. Payment form should be in the form of cheque or money order that is payable to your state's DMV

Change car registration address by person

1. Contact your DMV office and ask where you can process your change car registration request

2. Go to the office or location provided by your local DMV

3. Fill up the change car registration address form and provide one of the following proof of new residency

  • Voter Registration Card
  • Mortgage/lease agreement
  • Utility bill with your new address li1sted
  • Financial statement from your bank
  • W-2 Form

4. Pay the necessary fees

Some States does not require any payment for processing DMV Change of Address. You should contact your local DMV office to find out the applicable fees related to your request.

Notify these 10 Parties

  1. Voter Registration: Download and send the Voter Registration Address Change Form to your Supervisor of Elections. This maintains your right to vote in upcoming elections.
  2. SSA: All Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries must file for a change of address to keep their address updated. This can be done by going to the local office in person, by sending the form via the mail, or online.
  3. Banks: In order to receive monthly statements and bank offers, you must update your mailing address with each of your banking institutions. This is often available online if you don't want to make the trip to the bank.
  4. DMV: As your driver's license is an easy way to show proof of identity, it's a good idea to make sure it's updated with your new mailing address ASAP.
  5. Passport Agency: All you need to do is fill out the DS-504 Correction Form and send it to the office closest to you. An absolute must for international travelers.
Is it necessary to update the address on my passport?

If you have recently applied for a new or replacement passport, you will need to update your address or your passport may not be sent to your mailing address.

How to update my Voter Registration Card?

Each state has a specific form for changing a mailing address. Fill it out and either mail or submit in person to the DMV or State's Supervisor of Elections.

How do I update my mailing address with the IRS?

There are 3 ways to update your address with the IRS. Fill out and mail the Change of Address 8822 form. Call the IRS office and change your address via phone. Or draft a written statement and mail it to the office where you filed your taxes the previous year.

Is it necessary to update my address on my Social Security Card?

For those receiving SS benefits and Medicare, you are required to update your address. This can be done in person at a SSA office, online, or by calling 1-800-772-1213.

How to change my address at the DMV?

This varies by state. But typically, the state requires the following: proof of residence in the state, proof of ID, a small fee, and a form filled out with your old and new addresses.