To ensure that you don't miss out on receiving important mail such as postcards from your friends on vacation, birthday wishes from your children overseas, useful coupons to your favorite stores, magazines, investment and banking statements, and a host of other important pieces of information, you will want to be certain that you file for a change of address with the postal service and other pertinent parties before making the big move.


Below is a list of parties that should be notified that you will be changing your address.

Friends and Family

Be sure to go through your email contacts, your facebook friends, and your cell phone contacts and make a list of all the people who should be alerted that you are moving, and where you are moving to.

Health Care Professionals

Most doctors and hospital management prefer to send medical reports, check-up reminders and change in appointments via postage service. You can either personally visit the hospital or call the management staff of your doctor to change your address on their record. Here is the checklist with various health professionals for your convenience:

Dermatologist Psychologist or psychiatrist
Pediatrician for your kids Neurologist
Ophthalmologist and optometrist Rheumatologist
ENT Specialist Physical therapist
Your general physician or family doctor Cardiologist
Gastroenterologist Urologist
Gynecologist or obstetrician Veterinarian for your pets

To prevent missing out on any important mail, you will need to contact the US Postal Service and notify them of your new address. You can file the address change request up to 90 days before the day you move. Your options for filing the notice are to:

  • Stop by a local postal service personally and complete the request form for change of address.
  • Or make the request from the comfort of home by doing it online. After supplying a valid email and verifying your payment method, you will be charged a nominal $1 fee to notify USPS of your new address. All major credit cards are accepted.
Short Term Address Change

Please note that you must notify of a change in address even if the move is temporary, which may be the case for schooling or even work. Failure to notify of the change can result in not receiving important items in the mail. Here are the steps to successful file for a temporary address change:

  • Dial 1-800-275-8777 and follow the directions to change your postal address.
  • Go to the postal office and fill out the change of address request form.
  • Via the internet, make a formal request for mail forwarding to your new, short-term address. A valid email address is required. You also need to verify your identity, current and future address, along with the starting and end date for the forwarding service. The $1 fee for the service can be charged to a credit card.
  • Another option is to use what's called Premium Forwarding Service (PFS). This service will receive your mail and ship it to you on a weekly basis via Priority Mail. The cost for this service carries a $15 enrollment fee, as well as a $17 charge for the weekly shipment.
  • The mail forwarding service can be used from between 2-12 weeks for a short-term address change.
  • Please note that the temporary address service will end on the exact date entered on the form that you file. In order to extend or cancel the service, please go to the USPS site online and update accordingly.
DMV – Change of Address

Another important step in the moving process is to notify the DMV of your change of address. The DMV requires that it has an up to date record of your address on file, which matches your driver's license and car registration. There is often a deadline for filing/changing this info, which varies by state. Some states require it within 2 months.

Find below outlined steps for how to enact these important changes:

  • Go to a DMV office and supply your proof of residency, Social Security number, and method of payment.
  • Find your state's online system and fill out the requisite form with the required info.
  • You can also download a DMV change of address form directly from your state's website. Complete the form accordingly and send it to the correct address, along with the fee.
  • To change your car registration's address, you will need to either go to the DMB office or file them online through the DMV site. Provide all the required info, including your name, date of birth, license plate number, driver's license number, and final 4 digits of your Social Security number, along with payment.
Government Agencies – How to Change Your Address

You must also notify government agencies that you will be moving. Failing to do so could result in missing a host of important notices that might lead to trouble down the road. You will need to notify the Department of State and the Department of Revenue. Also, in order to vote, you must mail your voter registration address change form to the Supervisor of Elections.

Of course, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and SSA (Social Security Administration) must also be notified.

For Business Owners

Moving your business to a new address also requires a number of notifications to ensure a smooth transition to your new location. Among the items that must be changed are your legal documents, business cards, tax filings, and any other paperwork related to the business, e.g. investments, legal matters. Forgetting to change any of these could result in headaches after the move.

  • Complete Form 8822B-Change of Address and mail it to the IRS.
  • Amend your Articles of Incorporation/Organization and notify your Secretary of State.
  • Alert the post office that your address will change by submitting the required form.
Institutes of Education

Always keep the Admission's office of whatever school you or a family member is attending updated with your current address info. This way, all mail sent out from the school – progress reports, transcripts, report cards, etc. – are sure to be received.

Insurance Companies

You will want to let all insurance companies know that you will be moving:

  • Your health insurance provider:
    This is required to ensure continuity in coverage. Be sure to get your updated health insurance ID card.
  • Your car insurance provider:
    An updated address is a necessity to receive claim information, as well as premium updates/renewals.
  • Home owner's insurance provider:
    Since your address is changing, you will want to close your old policy and request a new one at your new address, making sure to resolve any pending claims ASAP.
Subscription Providers

You must also move all your subscriptions to your new address. Each provider often lists their contact info on the subscription materials and also online on their website and/or facebook page.

Online Store Accounts

Update your address in each account in order to ensure a seamless transition to your new address. Failure to do so might result in delayed shipment or missing out on purchases altogether.

Notify these 10 Parties

  1. Voter Registration: Download and send the Voter Registration Address Change Form to your Supervisor of Elections. This maintains your right to vote in upcoming elections.
  2. SSA: All Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries must file for a change of address to keep their address updated. This can be done by going to the local office in person, by sending the form via the mail, or online.
  3. Banks: In order to receive monthly statements and bank offers, you must update your mailing address with each of your banking institutions. This is often available online if you don't want to make the trip to the bank.
  4. DMV: As your driver's license is an easy way to show proof of identity, it's a good idea to make sure it's updated with your new mailing address ASAP.
  5. Passport Agency: All you need to do is fill out the DS-504 Correction Form and send it to the office closest to you. An absolute must for international travelers.
Is it necessary to update the address on my passport?

If you have recently applied for a new or replacement passport, you will need to update your address or your passport may not be sent to your mailing address.

How to update my Voter Registration Card?

Each state has a specific form for changing a mailing address. Fill it out and either mail or submit in person to the DMV or State's Supervisor of Elections.

How do I update my mailing address with the IRS?

There are 3 ways to update your address with the IRS. Fill out and mail the Change of Address 8822 form. Call the IRS office and change your address via phone. Or draft a written statement and mail it to the office where you filed your taxes the previous year.

Is it necessary to update my address on my Social Security Card?

For those receiving SS benefits and Medicare, you are required to update your address. This can be done in person at a SSA office, online, or by calling 1-800-772-1213.

How to change my address at the DMV?

This varies by state. But typically, the state requires the following: proof of residence in the state, proof of ID, a small fee, and a form filled out with your old and new addresses.