About Rentals

There are lots of elements to consider when you are moving house. It applies equally well even if you are moving just a few miles or further away. You need help whoever you are. That may be in the form of renting trucks for the move, equipment to help and even professional people who move furniture and belongings for a living. There is enough stress involved in moving home without trying to do too much on your own.

In some instances renting a truck for a few hours may help you to do small jobs; perhaps taking smaller items, excluding your furniture so that you are in control of the things which you regard as especially valuable. If you are moving across country you need an altogether different service. It will be trucks, moving equipment and manpower.

When planning what you need you should look to companies that offer a range of services right up to a comprehensive removal service of everything your family owns. That needs trucks, boxes, experienced people and a schedule so that you understand the costs and the timescale involved.

It pays to make some decisions about what is required:

  • What kind of vehicle or vehicles do you need and for how long.
  • Is there are company that has removal equipment available.
  • Do you require a company to do the whole job for you or can the job be done by simply renting the vehicle and equipment needed.
  • What form of insurance do you require?
Rental Vehicles

Are you certain about the type of vehicle you need? You may have no idea of the volume you will need to have to transport your whole furniture and belongings. You have to get this right and it makes sense to get advice from someone whose business it is to know. A small truck can take a few things but when it comes to moving everything you will need something larger and perhaps a trailer as well.

These are your three alternatives:

  • Simply renting a truck
  • Renting a removal van
  • Renting a trailer

Most people will rent a truck because it offers the size needed to move a significant amount of things. Companies offering such rentals are nationwide and competition means that you should be able to get a rental fairly cheaply. It would be wrong to compromise quality simply to get the best price however.

Obtaining Quotes for Truck Rental

This exercise must be a balance between cost and quality of service provided. You should get more than one quote and then think about the information you receive. Obtaining it will take minutes; making your decision might take a little longer. More

How long do you need?

If you are just moving locally then it makes sense to use a local company. It is likely to be cheaper anyway and you will always have the opportunity of speaking face to face. The decision on whom to choose if you are moving across state or even to the other side of the Country. You will need to rent for a longer period anyway. This is a job for a company that specializes in long distance rental or one way rental where the truck will be left at your destination city after the move. More

Rental Insurance for Moving Trucks

Few people have real experience of renting moving trucks; they probably don't move too often. They insure their prized possessions at home and they need to do the same thing for when those possessions are in transit. There is always the chance of an accident anyway and the last thing they need is to have to meet the costs of any problems both to your possessions and potentially to the truck as well. More

Renting a Moving Van

A moving van obviously does not provide the same amount of space as a truck but it may be sufficient for your needs. It will certainly be cheaper than renting a truck and there is no doubt a van is easier to drive. Vans are ideal when the things you are moving do not include large pieces of furniture; perhaps books, boxes of fragile pieces, your camera, sports gear etc.

A Few Tips on Vans

Price is not always the only priority; you want reliability. You should get more than one quote and certainly while a local company is good you should look online to see if there are better quotes and that quotation can provide a rental in your location. Ensure you know all the details so that there are no surprises; hidden fees or insurance issues. Ask questions if you are in any doubt.

Renting a Trailer

The third alternative is renting a trailer. There are companies offering trailers of varying sizes including car trailers, utility and cargo trailers. Each has its own advantage; cargo trailers score for their aerodynamics and weight and it many cases they are best alternative for those on a small budget.

Utility trailers are often better when it comes to transporting more bulky things as they are the longest trailer available. You need to give it a little thought taking into account what you are moving and how far you are taking those things.

Renting Equipment

When you have a number of different shapes and sizes to move it helps to have furniture pads and dollies so that your things will not move unduly and potentially damage each other. It is a false economy not to get enough padding to stop heavy items damaging more fragile possessions.

Other Equipment Available for Rent

There are a few things that you can rent that will help you with your move. Several rental companies have them available and such things will help keep your possessions in good order:

  • Blankets that are padded to prevent one item damaging others in transit.
  • Boxes that are specifically designed to be used for packing items for moving.
  • Hand trucks that help you move heavy items to and from your truck.
  • Packaging such as bubble wrap, tapes and ropes.
  • Ties that will secure items in place to minimize movement during transit.
  • Lifts to help raise and lower heavy items onto and off the vehicle.
Absolute Necessities

Padding prevents damage. You may have valuable pieces of furniture; for the sake of a few dollars to rent blankets you can reduce the chance of any of your possessions being damaged or broken.

You need to be able to lift and lower heavy items and a rental company is certain to offer you dollies as standard necessities to help you minimize damage to your possessions and yourself when loading and unloading.

It is important to tie things down so they are secure in a moving vehicle. Ties and ropes will stop that from happening and there is little cost involved in getting plenty of ties and ropes for the job.

The Argument for Movers or Rentals

Moving is stressful anyway. There is additional stress if you contemplate doing the job yourself. That is a strong argument for hiring professionals to do the whole exercise from start to finish. Just think about heavy things that will be damaged if dropped or the damage they can cause if not packed correctly. You have the job to plan your new home and positioning your things once delivered. It poses the question of the advantages and disadvantages doing the job by renting or getting others to do it for you bearing in mind cost, insurance and the distances involved. More.

Moving Checklist

Anyone who moves from one property to another needs to be organized. A checklist should prevent your forgetting something when you are busy; if there is nothing missing when you are finally settled in your new home you will have done well. Planning gets easier with experience but who wants to be on the move all the time?

Here's a few tips.

  1. Know the size of your new home: You need to know that everything will fit; even that you can get things through the door. That means taking measurements. Any company you consider hiring as a mover will want to know.
  2. Packing: You will only be able to pack your things properly if you have boxes for the move, tape and packaging such as bubble wrap to place between different items. Every box should be properly marked, especially if they are otherwise identical.
  3. Room by Room: The most organized way to pack is to do it by the room and mark the boxes accordingly.
  4. Valuables: Whether these have monetary or emotional value or they are important documentation these things should be together and easily found.
  5. Labels: Labels are the easiest way to identify boxes when it comes to unpacking. The labels will include details of the room in which the items will be placed.
What are my alternatives on moving trucks?

The size of the truck you will require depends upon the size of your load. If you are merely moving furniture from a single room then a 10 to 15 foot cabin should suffice. Two rooms will be slightly larger, 15 to 17 feet. Three bedrooms will require 17 to 22 feet. The bigger the load the larger the truck needed.

Do I drive myself, or get a driver?

This is a difficult question and depends on the circumstances. If you accompany a driver, loading and unloading will be easier. If you lack confidence to drive a rental then a driver which you know to be capable certainly makes sense. If it is a big job perhaps professional movers is the best way to proceed.

Is a special license needed?

No. Rental trucks are not regarded as specialist so ordinary licenses are sufficient.

What are the limits on driving cross-country?

Major rental companies have many branches across the country. You simply need to inform the company of your ultimate destination and arrange for where to return the truck.

Do I need special insurance?

It is unlikely that you will be covered to drive a rental truck on your ordinary car insurance policy. There are several reasons for that and you should check the situation and definitely take out the appropriate cover.